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Family Guy - Amish Guy

I liked this. While I never really got into the story of this episode, I did appreciate what happened with both Meg and Peter here. Plus, it was incredibly funny in places, with some jokes I'd put up there with some of the best of the season so far. First of all, that entire first act was hilarious from start to finish. Pretty much all the jokes were a hit with me, with some of my favorites being Peter on the motor scooter, Quagmire's "food journal", Peter's reaction to the rice cake, pie steam rape, Peter in the girdle, Stewie's back and forth with Brian about the family being trash, the coaster crash and afterwards, Stewie waking up and asking Brian if he was going to propose, and Stewie's Amish pun. After that, things kind of slowed down, there were still plenty of funny moments like the G.I. Joe cutaway; the iPhone gag; and the Amish prayer, but that middle section kind of just dragged for me, mainly because I didn't care for what was going on storywise with Meg and Eli. Despite that, I did really like how Meg was handled in this episode. Yes, there was still the usual Meg bashing, but it was cool to see the family actually being there for her, especially Peter trying to convince Ezekiel to let Eli see Meg again. Of course, he had to go and screw it up by proceeding to play Highway to Hell by AC/DC, which was fucking awesome, but that was just him being an idiot. He was never really a jerk here, and I really liked that. Things picked up for me again once the feud with the Amish started. While it never quite reached the level of hilarity of the first act, it was still incredibly solid with great gags such as Peter calling the horses sexy, "Ye Suck!" painted across the front of the house, and Ezekiel doing Peter's chores. The short battle between the gang and the Amish was excellent, in my opinion. I enjoyed every second of that scene with how crazy and over the top it was. From there, things wrapped up nicely, leading to one of the funniest credit sequences in a long time.

I really don't have too much to say about this one. It was funny and entertaining, and I liked how the family was actually there for Meg when she needed them to be. The jokes ranged from decent to great, and there was even some nice interaction with Brian and Stewie. It was good.


Moment of WIN:

Peter's on the highway to Hell, and he's going down, all the way down.


Dec. 4th, 2011 02:50 pm (UTC)
And now for something completely different!

Some phrases from the upcoming episode I have difficulties understanding.

1. "I tried to kill myself by swallowing a nail clipper, but I passed it"
What does it mean "I passed it" here?
Dec. 4th, 2011 08:52 pm (UTC)
2. Boy, do the sparks fly on those (Joe watching "wheelchair porn")
What does mean "do the sparks fly on those"?

3. and don't expect a call from us to check in.
What's that "to check in" here?

4. I read nowhere that Southern sheriffs really want to be talked down to by big-shot Northerners.
He doesn't remember where he read it or what?

5. Would you know who she was if I said Tyler Perry's Laura Linney? (When someone never heard of Laura Linney)
Googled it but couldn't find any connections.
Dec. 5th, 2011 05:36 am (UTC)
1. Cleveland is saying that the nail clipper passed all the way through his digestive system, resulting in him "passing it" through a bowel movement.

2. Sparks literally fly from the grinding metal because it's wheelchair porn, but sparks fly is also used to describe something when it gets intense. This idiom is usually associated with a fight breaking out, but it's not limited to that.

3. To "check in" means to let someone know where you are, what you're doing, and how you're doing.

4. He never read it. This is just Peter being an idiot. He's basing his actions off of southern stereotypes.

5. The joke here is that Tyler Perry productions are well liked by the African American community, so when Donna hears the name Tyler Perry associated with Laura Linney, she automatically assumes she likes Laura Linney while not knowing that Tyler Perry's Laura Linney isn't a real production.
Dec. 6th, 2011 06:47 pm (UTC)
> 4. He never read it. This is just Peter being an idiot. He's basing his actions off of southern stereotypes.

Then I don't get it.
"I never read that southern sheriffs like to be talked down to", but he's still talking down to him? Why? There's no sense here.

BTW, http://filiza.ru/category/video/family-guy-video/ - "Family Guy" episodes voiced in Russian (yes, your notes end up there)
Dec. 7th, 2011 06:08 am (UTC)
He's talking down to him because the south is often portrayed as inferior to the north, so Peter, automatically thinks he can just talk down to any all southerners.

Thanks for the link! That's so cool that I was able to help out and to see the end result! :)
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