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How fucking awesome was Stewie in this episode!? So what if it was mainly a Peter show, Stewie was stealing the show every chance he got! Of course, he's always awesome, but I can't remember the last time I watched an episode that didn't feature Stewie and had to struggle to remember anything that he didn't involve him. What's great about that, though, is that Stewie wasn't the only great part about this episode. There was plenty more to love here. Both of the plots were really solid. The plot with Peter's children's show will obviously remind people of PTV, and at first, I wasn't sure what to think about that whole premise. As the episode went on, though, I found myself really enjoying it, and despite it being a little too familiar, it ended up getting enough laughs out of me for me to not really care in the end. The comparison is warranted, but it shouldn't hinder anyone's enjoyment, in my opinion. Besides, it's paired together with a fairly fresh side plot that involves Meg, which ended up being pretty excellent as far as side plots usually go. The opening for this episode was a joy to watch, I thought. I found the U-Haul gag funnier than I probably otherwise would have if not due to having previous experience with the company, so that joke really landed for me. The bit with Peter talking about his and the guy's coffee table book was pretty amusing but was quickly overshadowed by the great moment of him destroying the vacuum cleaner followed by Brian walking in, noticing, and expressing his gratitude. I always enjoy the rare moments that have Peter and Stewie interacting, and here it was no different. The penis measuring joke was amazing, and the parts with Stewie and Peter watching Jolly Farm together struck an interesting balence between hilarious and adorable. The scene introducing Meg's subplot was good for a few belly laughs, and apparently, Neil still exists. That's good to know. I think Peter getting so upset at Jolly Farm's cancellation was a little weird, even by his standards, and not having a single mention of it from Stewie only made it stranger. Once Jolly Farm was taken out of the picture, though, things quickly got back on track. Stewie trying to steer the conversation so that it was about his finger painting was humorous, and his comments toward Lois about her yoga class were great, especially since it's already been established that Stewie does yoga, too. Chris thinking Peter's show was an Aaron Sorkin production was a pretty fucking great joke that got a good long laugh out of me. I also liked Peter's explanation for how he even got the show as well as him arguing that he does help out by mentioning how he changed Meg's diaper. Speaking of Meg, I mentioned earlier that I really enjoyed her subplot. Well, a lot of that enjoyment came from her interactions with Dr. Hartman. The scenes with those two were so freakin' funny and included many great moments like when Meg complimented Dr. Hartman  on his diploma and Dr. Hartman took it as a compliment on his calligraphy, Dr. Hartman's cheat sheet, and really just his overall ineptness. The scene with Bruce was pretty good, too. Peter's show ended up providing a lot of great jokes, too, with some of my favorites being the return of the coffee table book, the bully bit, and Saggy Naggy. As stated before, Stewie was in top form through the entire episode with some of his best bits being Lee Logs, joining in on the Lois beating, and telling Peter he needs to let go (Am I the only one who was reminded of New Kidney in Town and felt that Stewie's comment could have been made out of some resentment he might have towards Peter for that previous incident?). The Peter and Lois conflict was alright, and provided some great interaction between them. I do feel like more could have been done with Lois deciding not to nag Peter though. The way she dismissed Peter's plan to mess with a puma only to have her immediately change her mind in the next scene was kind of jarring. Of course, when you see someone you love poking a puma with a stick, I suppose it's reasonable to try and do something about it. On the other hand, I would figure simply hearing about the plan would have been enough, fight or not. It's not really a big deal, though. The handling of it was just strange. It was cool to see Meg's plot tie in at the end, and I liked watching her stepping up to save Peter. Of course, nobody thanks her, which shouldn't surprise anyone, but plenty of people will write off the episode for that reason alone anyway. The cutaways were pretty great with some of my favorites being watching paint dry, Peter and the monkey, and Evite.

Aside from a couple of nitpicky things, I thought this was a fairly solid episode all around. Both plots were consistently strong, Stewie stole the show, and the cutaways all hit the mark.


Moment of WIN:

Poor Peter, even his baby boy puts him to shame. I battled over whether to choose this bit or the part where Stewie begins beating Lois, but in the end, the idea of Peter being emasculated by his infant son was just to darn funny not to pick.


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Apr. 5th, 2012 01:33 am (UTC)
True enough, Stewie was especially “on” in this episode. I loved his personality in it, though funny enough, it kind of reminded me of Brian’s. Maybe it’s just me who sees that resemblance, but it just seems that whereas Stewie’s observations about what’s going on around him used to be so malicious…well, his sense of humor still isn’t kind, but now his wit is getting so…dry.

About the actual main plot of this episode, though…you’re right that it warrants a comparison to PTV. However, I don’t think it was all that familiar. In both, Peter creates his own television content, and Lois disapproves, but that’s about where the similarities end. I do kind of think the episode was misnamed. Judging by the title, anyone would be forgiven for thinking this was another episode about Peter putting raunchy stuff on the air. Of course, Peter is a totally inappropriate host for a children’s show, but the fact that he’s advocating beating up kids with a nervous bladder and talking about sex-related stuff in front of a very young audience never becomes the problem. The problem is that Peter isn’t pulling his weight at home…and later on, after Lois gets attacked at Cost Mart, it becomes that Peter’s making Lois seem like a naggy broad with a saggy chest to a bunch of little kids. So the title’s kind of a misnomer until close to the end, but whatever.

As for the Jolly Farm stuff that led up to all of this, the way Peter gets so engrossed by that show made me wonder if he did this with Meg and Chris, too, when they were young enough for this sort of Pre-K programming. It’s like, hasn’t he seen these types of kids’ shows before? You would think he’d become a rabid fan of any of them if that’s what he likes; they’re pretty much all the same. Yeah, I think it was a little weird that he got so fucking hooked on Jolly Farm. However, I think that if you can accept that he did, you can buy him being so crushed when it’s canceled, even though Stewie didn’t even comment on the show going away. I just justified it as Stewie being more mature than Peter; he can get over and Peter can’t, which is a concept that I actually thought was pretty funny. But while they were both into it, it was a fun novelty to see Peter and Stewie spend time together.

Apr. 5th, 2012 01:34 am (UTC)
I agree with you about the Meg plot; it really was a fresh idea, and although the B-plot didn’t get much airtime devoted to it, it was interesting to see Meg’s foray into a possible career path play out. Oh, and also, as you said, “[…] apparently, Neil still exists. That's good to know.” Indeed :) I’d been wondering, so I’m glad that’s settled. Okay, back to Meg. I know people were mean to her in this episode as in all others, but still, it was nice to see her succeed in something for a while. Then again, all she really had to do was be better than Dr. Hartman, which wouldn’t be all that hard. Within the course of probably less than a minute, I had a love and hate relationship with his cheat sheet. It started out funny, but then it kept going and I started thinking the humor was getting too broad, and my face went totally straight. Then he couldn’t even remember the expression about somebody having a good head on their shoulders, and that brought it all back around to hilarious again for me. I also loved his line about the E.R.: “Don’t go in there unless you want everyone to yell at you.” lol

Other funny bits that I liked were Peter’s “Special” song, the lesbian butts coffee table book, Brian being grateful that the vacuum had been destroyed, Stewie’s condescending attitude toward Lois about yoga, and the show in the basement with bad audio that Peter’s show replaced: all were great jokes. The implied results of the penis measurement can’t be true, but it still made me crack up. It’s terrible, but I was happy that Stewie got some wish-fulfillment when he got to join in in beating up Lois, hehe :P The point that the show made about U-Haul trucks was pretty good, as well. Did you ever have a mishap involving a U-Haul truck? My brother ran down our new neighbors’ mail box when he drove the truck for us when we were moving one time; really put us off on the right foot with them, as one would imagine :P

Nope, you weren’t the only one to think of New Kidney in Town! I, too, probably unsurprisingly, remembered that other time when Peter’s life was in jeopardy, and making that connection and formulating that little theory about Stewie still being pissed over what happened in that other episode made me ~happy~ for some reason. The part at the end where Peter and Lois patched things up came off to me as perfunctory (perhaps that shouldn’t be a surprise. They have to make up, of course, and there’ve been plenty of episodes where it’s been treated as a matter of course more than a matter of emotion. But I think the reason I’m making a note of it this time is because it’s like you said; this whole thing in general with the puma was handled in a strange way), but sweet. It did seem somewhat rotten of Lois to even let Peter go near that puma in the first place. Maybe she just figured he’d be fine, anyway, since most of the time, no matter what reckless shit he attempts, he emerges no worse for wear? I don’t know. Giving Lois the semi-benefit of the doubt for once :P
I think overall this episode was just so-so for me. It had its shining moments, but I kept waiting for it to take off, and it never did.
Apr. 6th, 2012 12:21 am (UTC)
I can see how Stewie's personality here could remind you of Brian, and I think that goes hand-in-hand with what you were saying before about them possibly rubbing off on each other, which is an idea I really like. :)

This and PTV are drastically different from each other, but I was still thinking about PTV for most of the episode's run time. I do agree with you about the episode being misnamed, though. I understand they were making a reference, but that doesn't change the fact that the title is sort of misleading. It's no Stewie Goes for a Drive, though. lol

Hmmm, that's an interesting point. You'd think that Peter would have been just as obsessed with the shows from Chris's and Meg's early years, huh. Interesting. I kind of figured that Stewie had just gotten over it, too, but you'd think that, considering what a big deal it usually is to him, they'd have shown a quick scene where we get some idea of his opinion on the matter. Maybe, he could have walked in when Peter was freaking out, and said something like "Calm down. It's just a fucking tv show.". That would have been enough, and it would have been pretty funny to see, too.

I had a similar reaction to the cheat sheet, just when the joke was getting tired they threw a new spin on it that brought the funniness back in typical Family Guy fashion. Oh, and that comment about the ER was really great.

The penis measuring joke was just ridiculous. lol I figured that maybe Peter just isn't smart enough to measure properly and made a mistake that made him think that Stewie was bigger than him. I by no means despise Lois, though she can rub me the wrong way at times, but the part where Stewie came in to deliver the final blow before continuing to beat the shit out of her was just a great moment.

About my experience with U-Haul, I didn't really have a mishap, though I came really close on a couple of occasions when me and my family were moving one time. I was driving the truck, but the entire time I was thinking, "I really should not be driving this thing.", but there was no one else who could do it at the time, so it ended up being me. Luckily, I avoided any accidents, but there were several close calls that scared the crap out of me. That's kind of funny about your brother hitting that mail box, though. What better way is there to make a first impression in a new neighborhood than to immediately run down your neighbor's mail box. lol :p

Yay, you made the New Kidney in Town connection, too! :D I felt like I was looking a little too deeply into that one comment, but having someone else come to that conclusion at least gives that impression some validity. Let's face it, Peter has done things way more reckless than what he did here and come out completely fine, but I still don't see how you can just let somebody you care about do something like that, no matter how lucky they've been in the past. That luck is bound to run out eventually.
Apr. 5th, 2012 10:19 pm (UTC)
Back again. Hi!

1. Sorry, I'm making a go of it in a new city. (a guy in a truck)
Does he mean he's hoping to drive better in a new city or says that he's just moving in search of a better life?

2. What about Pengrove Pig and the Lollipop Luau?
Does "Lollipop Luau" mreference to anything?

3. Like you and you ain't special. And you are and you're not.
Are they all not special here? Or is the one with "and you are" special?

4. If I can kill 25 butterflies in a minute, I won't have to show the audience my balls.
Is that a reference or is it supposed to be funny by itself?

5. And then when you get a little older, stuff will come out.
Is that like "when you get older, you'll get your share of problem"?

6. Oh, hi, Saggy Naggy. Never mind with "hi!"
What's that "never mind with hi"? Like "go to hell with you hi" or "I don't need your hi" or what?

7. "Saggy Naggy" is nagging Peter. Then Peter replys: "Sounds like this could go on for a while, kids. Hey, Saggy Naggy, I know what'll cheer you up..." (throwing a cake in her face then)
"Sounds like this could go on for a while" - does it mean like "oh, she could keep telling this for a long time"?

8. Do you think maybe we should think about getting a... (Peter and Lois fighing)
Does he mean "divorce"?
Apr. 6th, 2012 12:29 am (UTC)
1. He's moving.

2. I don't think it does. I think it's just typical alliteration that's seen in a lot of children's entertainment.

3. He's just saying that some of the kids are and aren't special. He points to them to single them out.

4. There's no reference here, just Peter being Peter.

5. Peter's talking about puberty here.

6. Pretty much "Go to Hell", yeah.

7. He's saying she'll be talking for a while.

8. Yes
Apr. 6th, 2012 04:26 am (UTC)
Loved this episode! It was great :D

Notably, the U-Haul gag you mentioned - I was laughing so hard at that because it rang so true to me. I had a friend help me move a couple years back, and she was wild on the road with that big U-Haul truck! Brought back memories, haha!

There were just so many little things in this episode that were good for a laugh. I loved the whole scene with Peter and Stewie watching Jolly Farm - especially after craft time when they made the duck...and Stewie's was better-made than Peter's XD Meg's subplot was surprisingly good too, and the way it all tied in together at the end was perfect.

Aaand, for the record, I also was reminded of New Kidney in Town at the end ;)
Apr. 6th, 2012 11:05 pm (UTC)
That bit with the arts and crafts was a nice little subtle joke. Peter's duck was so terrible! lol

Ahhh, so you made that connection too, huh? That settles it then, that's now my official interpretation of that scene, and I couldn't be happier with it. :)
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